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Wakefield Farmer’s Market 10/01/2011

While the weather was not great, the produce and other goods certainly were

Under overcast skies we headed over to the Wakefield Farmer’s Market this morning.  Running through the summer and ending next week, the market brings together farmers from across Massachusetts and Vermont, as well as local artisans and bakers.  While there was not the usual crowd shopping at the market today, the products offered were plentiful.

We started by picking up some fresh lettuce, swiss chard and the largest scallions you have ever seen.

A stop at Farmer Dave’s booth netted us some cherry tomatoes, a large red pepper, some fresh apples.

We picked up a package a jalapeno hummus, tomato salsa and lobster raviolis.  Our weekly stop into the Swiss Baker for our breakfast purchase was a chocolate berliner  for Meg and a pretzel roll for me.  We also got a fresh baked loaf of pumpkin bread that I think will make some delicious French toast this week.

We stopped over to Charlton Orchards for some local honey and a dozen eggs.  We decided not to purchase any beef this week (more on this in a later post).

Now that we have a kitchen full of fresh local produce, it is time to think about our dinner menu for the week. Without planning for the week we would end up throwing away a lot of this food.  The swiss chard will be used tomorrow to make a lentil, rice and cheese stuffed roll-up.  The pumpkin bread  will make some French toast, as it already been sampled and passes our strict deliciousness guidelines.  The hummus was enjoyed in some wraps for lunch, using the fresh lettuce, some leftover pea puree and a few other ingredients we had on hand.  Because we eat salads every day, the lettuce and tomatoes will be put to use.

One more summer Farmers Market next weekend, and then we hope there will be a winter indoor market this year.  Such great ingredients can be found at the market, and it supports local business as well as a healthy lifestyle.  The Wakefield Farmers Market is located next to the softball field on North Ave in Wakefield, and runs from 9AM-1PM.  If you can make it down next week, we recommend a trip.


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