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Yoga for the tin man

I used to be one of those guys who thought that yoga was not for me.  I would rather go to the gym and lift weights.  Why did I need to do stretching and breathing techniques?  Well, when you hit the other side of 30, things start to change.  I was waking up in the morning feeling a bit less ready to tackle the day.  The morning after playing basketball I felt like I could barely walk.  But still, yoga?

Weren’t all yoga classes held of pretentious yoga studios?  I didn’t want to go to one of those.  I knew I had very little flexibility.  I couldn’t touch my toes.  I didn’t want to be oming with strangers in the dark of the yoga studio.  I have mentioned P90X before, and I will thank Tony Horton for giving me an option for yoga.  An option where I could do yoga in the privacy of my own home, with only my dogs sitting there watching me.

I can still get a good workout from doing yoga, I certainly still break a sweat.  P90X offers several options of yoga workouts.  There is a 90 minute workout that begins with the basic poses for about half the workout, followed by extended hold postures for the remainder of the workout.  This is certainly a workout that can be broken down into 2 workouts in the interest of time.  I also enjoy the yoga workout on the one-on-one collection, which is a 30 minute workout.  Each pose is held for a longer period of time, about a minute, and it is a good workout.

Yoga has paid off.  I have increased my flexibility.  I no longer feel so sore when I get up in the morning.  My stress level has been reduced.  I now look forward to my yoga workouts, which I do at least one day a week.  Maybe it is because it is a break from weight training, but more likely it is because I have seen the results.  I definitely recommend adding yoga into your routine.

And here I am with my hands under my toes today

Here I am trying to touch my toes before yoga


2 comments on “Yoga for the tin man

  1. Jenn
    October 13, 2011

    This is my favorite post ever. Mostly for the photos 🙂 (but also I can vouch for your lifelong inflexibility and I’m delighted to see how you have improved!).

  2. meg
    October 13, 2011

    I agree! I now find yoga classes really fun, but in the beginning (or when you just don’t have enough time) an at-home-video can be a great option. If you have Verizon, look for them On Demand under the Health & Fitness section or check out these videos for FREE from the Kripalu Center:

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