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The old stand-by

Everyone has one, the one recipe they know they can whip together in no time that really doesn’t have a recipe associated with it.  For me, it is pizza.  I have always loved pizza.  Maybe it is because every Friday in elementary school was Pizza Day.  Maybe it is because you can get a complete balanced meal in a single slice, but still feel like you are indulging.  Maybe it is because you can be super creative, and it usually turns out to be delicious (I mean come on, how can anything with melted mozzarella not taste good?).

Last night I tossed together a 3-pepper pizza.  The concept was simple.  Thinly sliced red, green and yellow bell peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, a bit of sauce, some oregano, bake and serve.  I made my own dough, which is loosely based on the recipe from The North End Cookbook, but has certainly taken on my own twists over the years.

I had already eaten half the pizza when I realized I needed to take a photo.

The dough starts with a bowl of warm water and sugar (maybe a tablespoon in 6 ounces of water), to which one packet of yeast is added.  Once the yeast bubbles, pour it into the stand mixer (I love my Kitchen-Aid) and add some flour.  Slowly mix it together and then add some salt (a dash), some pepper and  a drizzle of honey.  If the dough is still wet, add a bit more flour until a ball starts to form.  Once the ball starts to form, turn the mixer up to medium high and kneed the dough for a few minutes.  Pull out the ball of dough and place in a bowl with some extra virgin olive oil.  Let the dough rest, and rise, for about an hour.

Slice up the peppers (about 6 slices each) and some mozzarella (about 8 slices).  Put some semolina flour on the pizza stone, and roll out the dough.  First apply your sauce (I just used a jarred sauce, Newman’s Own), and then add the peppers around the pizza.  Top with mozzarella and sprinkle with dried oregano.  Bake for about 10 minutes at 450F, until the dough starts to turn brown.  Take out and let rest, adding some salt on top.  Serve and enjoy.

So there you go, my old stand-by recipe, Pizza.  What is your stand-by?


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