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300 days

2011 began for me much like every other year, with a few meaningless resolutions.  But there was something different about this year.  I had been taking medication for high cholesterol for the past few years.  As much as I had tried to exercise more and change my diet, these modifications were not enough to lower my cholesterol.  Near the end of 2010 my doctor had also started me on medication for high blood pressure.  While I blamed it on a very stressful day the day of my appointment, my doctor was not convinced.  Because of this, and the fact that I would be ending my MBA program and hopefully have more time to spend working out and maintaining good health, I vowed to be healthier in 2011, with a few specific goals, including STOP DRINKING SODA.

My goal was to stop drinking the Coke that I was drinking at work.  I was a huge fan of the 20oz Coke bottles, and with a CVS right below my office, I could head down and grab one anytime.  I was not nearly the addict that some people are.  I was maybe drinking a bottle every 2 days.  I would order a Coke when we went out for lunch at work.  Don’t bring me a Pepsi, I could taste the difference.  And sure, I will take a refill, keep them coming.

The secret to my success was to replace the Coke with something else that would fill the void.  I started with flavored water, using the individual iced tea packets to add flavor to bottled water.  Eventually, with the increase in the amount of exercise I was doing, I was able to simply switch to water.  The added benefit of all of this was that now I was most certainly drinking enough water every day.

Today marks 300 days since I had a Coke.  I sometimes feel like I might still have the urge to order one, but like the urge to order a burger when I go out for lunch, I simply take another look and find an alternative.  So, if you have something you would like to give up, or take on, but are not sure you can do it, just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.  If you are giving something up, find something else that will replace the current urge.  If you are looking to add something to your life (more exercise for example), look for ways to incorporate it in a fun way, a part of something you may already do. Resolutions and life changes can be daunting, but if you remember why you want to do them, and can feel the benefits, it gets easier every day.  I have 300 days behind me to back that up.


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