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Slow-cooker Sunday Epic Fail

Part of the process of learning to cook with new ingredients and new techniques is learning how to deal with failure.  We have previously made Giada De Laurentiis’ Tuscan white bean and garlic soup, and it has turned out great.  However, today we attempted to make the soup in the slow cooker, and incorporate a new ingredient (coconut milk in place of half-and-half), and ended up with a slow-cooker full of watery coconut beans.  My brother didn’t seem to mind, Meghan threw hers away, and I will eat anything, so I was indifferent to it.

The first step in dealing with a cooking failure is recognizing where you went wrong.  Perhaps the substitution of coconut milk was a bad idea, to quote Ron Burgandy.  However, there were other possible misteps along the way.  I initially started the soup in the slow cooker on LOW temperature.  I noticed that after a couple of hours the soup was not yet simmering.  I then turned it up to HIGH, and it came to a simmer.  I left it for about another 90 minutes, but this may not have been enough time to thicken the soup.  Starting on HIGH from the beginning might have worked better.

The second step is giving it another shot.  We will try this again and keep you posted on our results.


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