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Everybody gets their hands off the floor for crunchy frog

OK, I don’t know these people in the video do it, I can only assume they have not just completed the back and biceps workout before moving onto Ab Ripper X.  There is no way that a human can follow up a 45 minute killer arm workout with a 300+ move abdominal workout.

I am making my way through a second go-round of P90X, with the goal of finishing before my P90X-2 DVD’s arrive (yes, you can say I am a bit insane).  I am in week 5, after taking last week off from working out due to a sore shoulder and just some overall sleepiness. Of course, this time around, I am being reminded of how tough these workouts are, and how much tougher they are when you add more weight and band resistance.

Thankfully, I am not too proud to modify.  Today’s ab workout consisted of 4 moves, not the 11 that the Ab Ripper video has.

In and outs, 25 reps: arms above your head, chest held high, legs straight.  Bring your knees to your chest and then pump back out.

Crunchy frog, 25 reps: a personal favorite.  Arms go wide to start, then clasp around your knees as you bring your knees to your chest.

Side ab crunch, 25 reps per side: Lay on one side, legs out at about a 30 degree angle., top arm behind your head, elbow bent.  Bring your legs up as you crunch your elbow to your knee.  Repeat laying on your other side.

The Monster, 4 reps: Start on your back, arms wide, legs straight up into the air.  Lower your legs to one side, keeping them just off the ground.  Swing them around to the other side, and then raise them back to the middle.  That is one rep, now head back the other way.

As I wrote in my notebook, “Ouchie!”  After any workout, this is all it takes to add that extra bit of effort.  I recommend keeping a notebook too, it is a great way to see how far you have come from day 1, and gives you something to build on.  Be sure to stretch and hydrate after working out too.  Time to grab another bottle of water.


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