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I missed the cat

There is a commercial that Meg and I see every day, and we think it is so funny.  I think the commercial is for a health insurance plan.  The commercial features a couple and their excuses for not working out.

“I forgot my ponytail holder.”

“I don’t think I need it today.”

“I missed the cat.”

“Tuesdays are weird.”

“My mom called.”

and our favorite, the guy at the piano singing “Too tired.”

The funniest part about this commercial is that I have probably used very similar excuses to justify not working out.  Heck, I took an entire week off because I was tired.  And with friends who also workout, I have heard all kinda of reasons behind skipping a few workouts, or delaying the start of a program (a certain P90X Procrastination Calendar comes to mind).  No matter what the excuse, even a 20 minute walk at lunch can count as a workout.  Some days you need to take time off so that you can recover.  So, what are your funniest excuses for not working out?  I will be sure to post a few of mine.


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