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I recently attended the 2011 Boston Balance Fitness Conference.  The convention featured 29 of the industry’s top instructors and fitness professionals under one roof to share new ideas, knowledge and motivation with other fitness instructors and enthusiasts over the course of 2 days.  Among other classes such as yoga and dance stretch, I enrolled in a session entitled “EveryBODY GROOVE” and experienced a class I’ll never forget.
Described as “the dance class where you can’t get anything wrong,” this was hands-down one of the best classes I have taken in my 28 years of dance.  The class was facilitated by Michelle Hiller, President and Creative Director of Fit2Dance Inc.  (You can visit her website at  In a nutshell, Michelle puts on one her pre-selected songs and gives basic instruction on steps about 4-8 counts long and lets you have at it.  After a few counts of 8, when Michelle feels you have mastered the choreography, she’ll add more and later more and more different steps as she sees fit.  Moves are repeated throughout the song and you are highly encouraged to make each move your own.
After non-stop dance for 45 minutes I was exhausted, feeling like I had worked out hard and really happy about it!  Michelle’s enthusiastic attitude combined with great music and freedom to move made for a fantastic experience.  At the present time, EveryBODY GROOVE is spreading like wildfire throughout Canada, but still breaking ground in the United States.  Hopefully when I finish grad school I’ll have enough free time in my schedule to get certified in the GROOVE method and share it with my community.  If you ever get the chance, dancers and non-dancers alike should give EveryBODY GROOVE a try.

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