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I’m back

Sorry that this is my first post in about a week, it was an eventful week for us.

1. Finals week in the MSF: This past week was Meghan’s finals in her first semester of the MSF program at Suffolk University.  Needless to say this meant there was a lot of studying and a whole lot less time for blogging.

2. My sister and brother-in-law were in from Thousand Oaks: It was so great to see them, the last time we were together was in May in California for their wedding.

3. Tis the season: Last week also meant it was crunch time for some Christmas shopping, Christmas planning, caroling (OK, so no caroling, though we did go to karaoke last night, that is a whole other nightmare).  Once again this year, the Champagne-Lally Christmas extravaganza will be at Meg’s mom’s house.  Meghan and I are in charge of dessert, as usual, and I will be handling the majority of the cooking.  I actually need to try to convince my mother-in-law to try a new prime rib recipe (even though I will not be eating it).

4. The final week of the Farmer Dave CSA for 2012: And our fridge is still full of vegetables.  I have more carrots than I know I what to do with, though I joke about getting a pet bunny.  I also have potatoes, a variety of greens, half of a gigantic sweet potato and of course, some beets.  You will see many of these ingredients in posts this week as the menu contains a lo-mein dish and an attempt at homemade vegetable sausages.

Even in this busy time of year, find some time to do something for someone else.  Today I am helping a friend move (either because I am a glutton for punishment or a really nice guy).  At least it is still not snowing here in Boston.  To give you a sneak peak at a few more posts before the year is over, I plan to look back at the events of 2011 that made this year such a great year for Meg and I, and look forward to 2012.  Stay tuned.


One comment on “I’m back

  1. Jenn
    December 18, 2011

    A pet bunny is no joke! But carrots are junk food for them (too much sugar). You need a horse.

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