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2011: Year in Review

This past year has certainly been an exciting year for me. Looking back over the past 12 months I have to appreciate all that was accomplished. And it only makes me more excited to see what awaits me in 2012. Here are some of my top moments from the past year, personally, professionally and of course, a year in food.

1. My top personal achievement was most certainly finishing the Suffolk University Executive MBA program this past May. It was the hardest 21 months of my academic life. But I graduated Beta Gamma Sigma, which is the Business School Honors Society, made several lifelong friends, and learned a lot (both about business and myself).

2. My little sister got married in May on Catalina Island in California, and this was my happiest day of the past year. I was so glad to see her and my new brother-in-law, and be part of their special day. The setting was beautiful, a secluded beach on Catalina Island, and we spent a great week in California, basking in all that Catalina and Laguna Beach had to offer (oh how I miss that on a cold New England night).

3. Have I mentioned that it has been 364 days since I had a sip of soda? That’s right, the once Coke addict has not had any soda since the clock stuck midnight last December 31st. And I don’t see any soda in my next year either.

4. Meghan and I survived a weekend of babysitting our twin 2-year old godsons, and they never cried. We were just talking about this in the car, and we are both so happy that Camden and Chase know who we are, talk to us on the phone, and are so excited to see us when we visit. We bought them sleeping bags for Christmas so we hope there are lots of sleepovers in the coming year.

5. I finished P90X, and survived to do it again. I started the program last January, made it through the program twice and am now preparing for P90X2, which I plan to start in about a week. The program is very challenging, but I have certainly seen changes. I have already talked about my increased flexibility, and then there is the increased strength, and now I am working on my extreme yoga moves (almost got the crane into a handstand down!).

6. I gave up eating chicken and meat. When I first did this I thought, “what the heck am I going to eat?” As you can see from our posts, we have had no shortage of food options. Removing chicken, which I never really liked, and beef, which I never really ate that much of, has allowed me to explore more fish dishes, as well as many new vegetables. Meghan and I are attending a food and wine festival in January (for my 35th birthday!) so we may sample some beef dishes while we are there, but the fact that meat is no longer a dietary staple for us is a major change that has opened so many new doors for us, and hopefully will lead to many health benefits.

Well, those are 6 highlights from 2011 because 5 would not have been enough. With 2012 right around the corner, I wonder what the year will have in store. I am running a 5K on New Year’s Day morning, I will be certain to update you with how that goes. And since I was able to stick to my New Year’s resolutions from last year, I will have to make some more solid choices this year.

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