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Hangover Classic

Not a classic hangover!  Today 2012 began with a bang, the starters gun for the Winner’s Circle Running Club Hangover Classic 5K went off at 11:30AM.  It was my first 5K of the year, and my plan is to run more road races this year than last year, which admittedly should not be hard to do.  I made sure to start near the front of the pack, and went out at a moderate pace, fighting my way into the clear (not always easy to do as a short runner).  The course was flat and fast, and the weather today was certainly not typical New England New Year’s Day.  With temperatures near 50, the sun shining bright and not much wind.  I finished the race in just under 20 minutes (I believe 19:42 was my official time), bettering my personal goal of finishing in 22 minutes.  After I crossed the finish line, I headed to the beach.  And dove right into the northern Atlantic Ocean (water temperature around 40F).

Taking the plunge!!

To say that the dip was refreshing would be an understatement.  But now, as I sit and enjoy a beer in my plunge beer cup, it was all worth it.  When else could I say I dove into the ocean on January 1 (except for the time Meg and I spent New Years in Jamaica).  It has been a relaxing afternoon, and so far 2012 is off to a great start.  Delicious dinner tonight of vegetarian shepherds pie and roasted Brussels sprouts, I will be sure to get those recipes up tomorrow.  Time to catch up on the DVR, watch some Alaska State Troopers and think about my possible resolutions for this year.


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