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Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants

The other day I received my recent order from the Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants.  During a trip to Maine this past summer, Meghan and I came across Gryffon Ridge at the Crystal Spring Farmers Market.  That day we picked up a jar of chipotle powder, which we have used in a lot of recipes since then.  The great thing is that the spices are so fresh that a little goes a long way, be sure to modify your recipes accordingly.

This order was to replenish a few items in our spice rack and try something new.

1. Replenish the sesame seeds

Meghan and I use sesame seeds in a lot of our Asian-inspired dinners.  They are especially good in homemade sushi, which we plan to make again soon.

2. Replenish the cumin

I use cumin in a lot of dishes but really like it on sautéed peppers and onions, and in burritos and tacos.

3. Replenish black peppercorns, but something new with the smoked version

We always have whole peppercorns on hand, for use in the pepper mill, to crush and use as a topping on fish, and to use whole as seasoning in soups.  The smoked peppercorns should bring some new flavor profiles to the dishes.

4. Something new with the Mediterranean seasoning mix

This mix of lemon, mint and oregano is a great mix for seafood.  We used it the other night on some tilapia filets.  Next time we will try it mixed into some breadcrumbs for topping the fish.

You can order online from Gryffon Ridge, and I am pretty sure they ship everywhere.  If you are near Maine you can also pick up your spices at several local stores.  They have a great selection of spices, as well as spice mixes.  I certainly plan on adding more to my pantry in the coming months.


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