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Sun Winefest 2012: part two

Meg and I were looking forward to meeting Bobby Flay at the Sun Winefest, and tasting what he had to prepare.  While we were a bit disappointed to not get our picture taken with the Iron Chef (he did walk by us a couple of times, but he was obviously very busy and not looking for the photo op), his preparations were nothing short of delicious.  The lobster cocktail, with avocado, even got Meg to try a few bites of lobster.  And his blue burger got us both to pause from our pescetarianism to indulge in a perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked burger.  You can find the recipe for his signature event cocktail at the end of this post (see, that is how I get you to keep reading).

Lobster and avocado cocktail, Bobby Blue Burger slider and Ciroc peach Jalapeño kicker from Bobby Flay

After watching The Next Iron Chef Super Chefs competition, Meghan became a huge of Chef Elizabeth Falkner.  We both felt she could have won the competition.  So we were glad to see her at the winefest.  Chef Falkner was super gracious, coming out from her kitchen to take a photo with Meg (and many others).

Meg with Chef Elizabeth Falkner

The hamachi crudo was a unique twist on something I had only previously eaten in a sushi preparation.  It was served on a charred cucumber with jalapeño.

Chef Kim Canteenwalla's hamachi crudo

One of the biggest surprises at the event was Chef Robert Irvine.  The chef with the largest biceps in the kitchen also had the table having the most fun.  Chef Irvine spent a few minutes at the start behind the table, but for most of the night he was out in front of the table meeting with everyone, taking pictures with every person who came to visit.  His appropriately prepared mussel salad was also delicious, especially paired with Guiness.  Best photo of the night is definitely us with Chef Irvine, showing off our collective muscle.

Meg asked Chef Irvine to compare muscles with us

I told Chef Irvine that he appeared to be having the most fun of anyone at the event.  He said it was day off, why not loosen up and live a little!  What a great time.  In our next, and final installment, we will hit the dessert display.

Bobby Flay’s Ciroc Peach Jalapeño Kicker

  • 1.5oz Ciroc Peach
  • 1oz Jeremiah Weed peach sweet tea
  • 0.5oz lemonade
  • 1 tbs Agave syrup
  • 2 limes
  • 1/2 a jalapeño, seeded and cut into small squares
  • Garnish: jalapeño slice

In a shaker, muddle the lime, jalapeño and agave.  Put one scoop of ice in the shaker with the muddled ingredients.  Add the Ciroc Peach Vodka, Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade.  Pour into a Collins glass, garnish with jalapeño slice.



2 comments on “Sun Winefest 2012: part two

  1. debszcar
    February 5, 2012

    sounds fabulous I am so glad you got to go and had so much fun…what a great birthday for you..

  2. meg
    February 5, 2012

    BTW, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are in fact potato chips on Bobby Flay’s burger.

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