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The week ahead

Once again I would like to share our weekly menu.  This week looks like a pretty busy week, with Meg having class on Wednesday night and going out for dinner on Thursday night.  That leaves a couple of nights for me to see what is on hand and get a bit creative for dinner.  Last week I prepared the menu for 2 weeks before heading to the store, and so far, the fridge and cabinets are still adequately stocked to make dinners.  I went to the farm stand yesterday to grab a few items, but not a full shopping trip this weekend, which was a nice change.  Here is a look at the menu, starting with last night:

Sunday: homemade whole wheat pasta with shrimp in an almond pesto sauce

The key ingredients I picked up last week were a can of San Marzano tomatoes and a large bag of slivered almonds.  I had pasta frozen from last week, as well as a few bags of fresh basil leaves that I had also frozen, and a bag of frozen shrimp.

Monday: asparagus and parmesan frittata with roasted potatoes

I bought a bunch of asparagus last week and kept it in a cup of water in the fridge.  I also purchased extra eggs and had a block of fresh parmesan cheese in the fridge.  The roasted potatoes are frozen as I made them several weeks ago when our final potato shipment from Farmer Dave’s crop share were starting to get a little questionable.

Tuesday: three bean and wild rice casserole

This is a new recipe we will try out.  Last week I picked up the beans and rice at the store, as well as ample amount of vegetable stock.

Wednesday: Meg has class, so I will see what is on hand

Thursday: Meg is going out for dinner, so another night of creativity

Friday: homemade linguini with roasted vegetables

The roasted vegetables will be whatever I have on hand at the end of the week.  Might be some onions, peppers, zucchini and perhaps some asparagus.  This is the kind of dish you can throw whatever you have laying around into.

I had planned to use the pasta I made last week for last night and Fridays dinner, but I ended up using it all last night.  The good news is that there were leftovers for me to have for lunch today, the bad news is that I will need to make pasta for Friday.  Well, there it is.  I will post my results from last nights pasta dish this week, and let you know how everything else turns out.  I even have a quick and tasty dessert recipe from last night I will get up this week, stay tuned.


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