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Going Swede

My sister sent me this write-up about her recent experience with rutabagas.  Thanks Jenn!

Until recently, I had never eaten a rutabaga. In fact, I had never even 
seen one! When I saw they were being offered by our CSA, I immediately 
added them to our order (one of my goals for the year is to try new 
kinds of produce). They arrived on my doorstep looking a lot like 
turnips. In fact, my research revealed, they are often known as "yellow 
turnips", "Swedish turnips", or simply "Swede". Like all root 
vegetables, they can be prepared in a variety of ways, including baked, 
boiled, or sliced in salads. I decided to make a traditional rutabaga 
mash with caramelized onions and the end result was delightful: great 
texture, beautiful color, and a wonderful savory flavor. Adding to their 
appeal this time of year: rutabagas are an excellent source of Vitamin 
C! I'm sold.

Should you decide to try a rutabaga mash, here is the rough recipe I 

4 rutabagas, peeled and chopped
2 small potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 onion, sliced
2 tablespoons butter
a splash of cream, milk, or soymilk
salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Boil the rutabagas and potatoes together until tender enough for 
mashing (20-30 minutes)
Caramelize the onions in the butter
Begin mashing the rutabagas and potatoes, then add the onions and your 
splash of dairy/non-dairy liquid and mash together to desired texture
Season to taste.

I served them alongside roasted brussels sprouts with some crusty 
bread, but they would be a good accompaniment to any roasted dish.

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