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Workout Wednesday

The irony of these posts is that Wednesday is actually my day of rest.  But I digress.  For the past 15 months I have been working out using Beachbody’s P90X program.  I started the program when I was in the final semester of my MBA program because I felt like I had not worked out for the 18 months leading up to that, and I wanted a program that I could do in my house (I live in a condo, and while there is a community gym, I was not seeing continued results using the equipment over there).  My Wednesday posts will talk about my experience with P90X, based on what I am doing now but also looking back at where I came from.

I have talked to a lot of people about P90X, and a bunch of my friends have also started doing the program.  Many have seen very dramatic results in weight loss.  I saw an increase in strength.  I also notice an increase in my speed and endurance, and this is with less running, which has helped with my somewhat chronic knee pain.  I have already talked about the increase in flexibility (“Yoga for the tin man”) and in fact my new joy of doing yoga.

Let me say that P90X is not a workout for the weak at heart.  As advertised, it is an intense workout program.  However, Tony Horton reminds you to “use the pause button” and you can determine the intensity that you carry out the workouts.  Be sure to track your workouts because it will motivate you to improve.  If you put a lot into the workouts, you will get a lot out.

So far I have completed 2 rounds of P90X, One-on-One volumes 1 and 2, and am almost done with my first round of P90X2.  I do not have any dumbbells heavier than 10 pounds.  I use a 12 pound medicine ball for the P90X2 workouts.  I also have pushups bars, which I think really aid in reducing wrist stress, a yoga mat, and resistance bands.  While I think pull-ups using a bar would be more intense than the resistance band variety, let me assure you that you can get a great workout with resistance bands.

Starting next week I will go through my program, looking back at what I did on day one and what I was doing on day 90.  I will also talk about how you can take P90X exercises and make your own routines.  If you have questions about the program send them along.  I am happy to talk about my experiences.  Get out there and work, as Tony says “do your best and forget the rest.”


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