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Back on track

When vacation calls, you have to answer.  Last week we spent a week off the grid.  Unfortunately, a week away from the daily routine often means a week away from the healthy routine that has also developed.  How can you avoid completely falling out of your routine while on vacation?  Let me tell you what we did (besides sit on a beach, drink beer and fly kites).

First, we continued our routine of creating a menu before we went on vacation.  This meant we were able to shop for our usual stockpile of fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks and smart dinners before we ended up on vacation and were suckered into meals of fried seafood followed by ice cream (OK, so we did eat a lot of ice cream but it is Cape Cod in the summer, how can you not?  And there was also plenty of fried seafood, but also much more fresh seafood).

Second, let me touch on the point about fresh seafood.  Seafood doesn’t get much fresher than right off the boat at the Fish Pier.  Plus, the pier is a great spot for seal watching and a chance to see some 10 pound lobsters in the tank.  When you go on vacation, take the opportunity to eat as much of the local food as you can.

Third, since the weather is hopefully nice on vacation, why not incorporate a run or a bike ride into your day?  We purchased a bike rack and got our bikes tuned up before vacation.  And while we did not ride the length of the Cape, we took the bikes for several rides, as exercise, site-seeing and transportation with our 3 year old godsons.  Avoid the tourist traffic and take the road, or bike path, less traveled.  We also got our on a kayak ride, which is something we always talk about doing.

Now that we are back, the everyday routine has returned.  We have refocused our diets and are working back to our usual workout routines. Armed with some new recipes, we are ready to tackle this week, and the piles of emails sitting at our inboxes!  When is that next vacation anyway??????


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