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Buy fresh and local

I have become a huge fan of farmer’s markets, and thankfully have a great one in Wakefield every Saturday.  Yesterday the dogs and I headed over to do our weekend shopping, and I found a few more reasons why shopping fresh and local should be on everyones to do list.

1. The price: When you buy local produce, you will save money.  I bought some awesome Heirloom tomatoes for $3 a pound.  Not only do I not find Heirloom tomatoes in many grocery stores, but the ones I find them in are rarely under $4-5 per pound.

2. The variety: Local farmers do not all grow the same foods, so there is plenty of variety.  Sure, you can find a great variety of produce in your local grocery store, but when was the last time you found zucchini blossoms?

3. The food just lasts: I opened the fridge to take out some mixed lettuce I bought 2 weeks ago, and it was STILL FRESH!  I store it in a vase, with a little bit of water to keep the ends wet and a large freezer bag over the top of the lettuce.  If I had bought the pre-bagged store lettuce, no way it is still good in 2 weeks.

As the seasons start to change, the variety at the market will also change.  Get out there and support your local farmers and vendors.  I can guarantee you will be impressed with what they have to offer, and in addition to you supporting your local economy, you will see more money in your own pocket 🙂


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