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Comfort foods

With the storm of the year heading towards New England and the calendar getting ready to flip over to November, sometimes you are just in the mood for some good old fashioned comfort foods.  Everyone has their own definition of a comfort dish.  Whether you are a gooey grilled cheese and tomato soup person, or a buttery mashed potato person, or a crusty baked macaroni and cheese person, comfort foods bring back great memories of your childhood and warm up any cold night.  Meg and I have been working on mixing up some of our favorite comfort foods.  The experiment continues this week, with a pumpkin macaroni and cheese on the menu, along with grilled brie and tomato sandwiches.

Avocado and brie grilled cheese

Drop a note and let us know what your favorite comfort foods are.  Maybe I will try to remix one in the coming weeks.

One comment on “Comfort foods

  1. Donna
    October 29, 2012

    I am waiting for the power to go out, and just started Manhattan Clam Chowder with crusty bread for dinner. The rich clam and tomato stock is simmering with lots of thyme filling the house with warmth and great aromas just waiting to add the 3 lbs of little neck clams. Am going to have to try your avocado and brie grilled cheese – sounds and looks amazing!

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