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Organize your stuff, organize your life

As we move deeper into the holiday season I can already feel all my time being spoken for.  Meghan and I have always been busy people.  Even before I went back to school to get my MBA and then she went back to school for her Masters, we have had a packed “social calendar.”  The holiday season is even more hectic.  And sometimes I feel like our world is becoming so chaotic.  In times like these it is refreshing to see how small changes can really clear your head.  So, last weekend, Meg and I set off for The Container Store to add some organization to our house.

I had never been to The Container Store.  And as Meghan noted while we were exploring the very well organized aisles, “who knew someone had all this stuff that we never knew we needed.”  Indeed.

And who knew that picking up a few items, installing them in the house and cleaning up some of life’s day to day clutter could make me feel so much more organized.

As you have seen if you are a frequent visitor to the site, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Our kitchen is by no means the chef’s kitchen of my dreams, though it is a major upgrade over some of my ghosts of kitchens past.  With lots to store, and not too much space to store all of it, organization is key.

We picked up a few in drawer organizers to keep all our small kitchen tools organized and easily assessable.  As our trash can usually ends up in the kitchen somewhere, I also bought a slide-out trash/recycling bin and installed it in one of our cabinets.  Now the trash is always out of site, and we can collect our paper recycling in an easy spot to remember to toss it.

These in drawer organizers keep all your kitchen tools easy to find.

Meg also bought an organizer for her shoes.  And once those were set, organized the rest of her closet.  I also organized our entertainment center with a few bins for our various movies and workout DVD’s (as well as my PS3 and Wii games).

There are still more projects to tackle around the house, and next weekend the Christmas tree is going up.  But we have already made a lot of improvements to the kitchen and now I can cook in a much cleaner and organized space.  Time to get back in there and get dinner ready (sweet potato waffles, a twist on the pumpkin waffle, stay tuned to see if it was a kitchen success).


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