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Stick a fork in it

I think we have all had this happen:

You pop open a bottle of champagne.  You fill up a few flutes for you and some friends.  After a quick toast you all enjoy your drink.  Then you go back to drinking whatever you were drinking before and that half open bottle of champagne quietly sits on the counter.  Maybe it finds it way into the fridge at the end of the night, but the next day when you pour some out for a breakfast mimosa you find that it is flat 😦

Well, now you don’t have to worry about flat champagne anymore.  Simply stick a fork in it, or any piece of silverware that will fit into the top of the bottle.  Then toss it in the fridge.  The champagne will stay bubbly for more than a week!

photo (4)

Trust me, it works.  Meghan and I left a bottle of champagne in our fridge with a spoon in it before we went on vacation.  We came home, and after 10 days the champagne was still bubbly!

photo (3)


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