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Sun Winefest 2013: Robert Irvine

It is the end of January, which means 2 things.

1. I am another year older,  Happy birthday to me

2. We are attending the Sun Winefest at Mohegan Sun.  I think I may need to step outside my pescatarian diet tonight.


This marks year 2 of attending of the Winefest Celebrity Chef dine-around.  And this year Meghan and I were joined by my aunt and uncle.  We had a great time last year and were looking forward to seeing some of the chefs we saw last year and eating some of the most delicious small plates of food we could ever have.

The night started when Meghan and I met Donna and David at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain.  We sat down in the bar area to enjoy a drink before we headed into the Celebrity Chef dine-around.  The atmosphere at Bar Americain was great, though the service was not.  David and I took a walk up to the bar to order some drinks.  Finally I was able to place an order, but when I turned around I saw David had left and headed back to the table.  After a round of drinks, it was time to head to the dine-around.

First stop, our good friend Robert Irvine.  For those who watch Food Network, you will know Robert from Restaurant: Impossible.  For everyone else, Robert Irvine is a chef and restauranteur with the largest biceps in the business.  The couple before us in line had their picture taken with Chef Irvine, and as if he knew we were coming, he took off his chef’s jacket to reveal his trademark black t-shirt.  Meg and I went over to meet Chef Irvine.  We told him how much fun we had last year and that we were looking forward to a fun night tonight.  Meghan told him that last year we posed for a photo with him flexing our muscle, and he said he remembered that.  Of course he then told me to drop and do some pushups before we took the photo.


Robert Irvine has the most fun at the Winefest

After the photo he handed us a plate of his offering, lamb ragout with spiced lima bean broth, greens salad, duck prosciutto and herbs.


Lamb ragout with spiced lima bean broth and greens salad

Before we left, Meghan said “Chef, I need my wine” to which he topped off her glass.


Donna and Meghan show off their Robert Irvine sized wine glasses

The plate was absolutely delicious.  Once again, Robert Irvine delivered a great experience at the Winefest.  But there are plenty of more celebrity chefs to meet, and much more food to eat! (stay tuned)


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