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You be the judge

This week Meg and I decided to try some new recipes for dinner.  So far we have made a couple, with some mixed results.  Don’t fear, this is often the case with the first attempt on a new dish.  But I want to hear from you guys.  Which of the following recipes would you like to see on Garbanzopalooza this week?

Cornbread Salad: this is a great side dish for a cookout (and we can be hopeful that cookout season is coming), or can be served as a main dish, and even tastes good on top of a salad the next day for lunch.


Red Lentil Salad: admittedly this dish had an “interesting” taste (I bet it was the giardiniera) but I think I know how to adjust the seasonings a bit for take 2.


Mushroom Poblano Tacos: Oven roasted poblano peppers, crispy potato, onions, mushrooms, all served inside a flour tortilla, yup, sounds successful to me.


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