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Black-eyed peas

If Fergie and Will.I.Am are the only black-eyed peas you know, then be sure to continue reading.


Best known as a Southern New Years Day dish to bring you good luck for the year, black-eyed peas can bring you good health all year long.  Meg and I used them in our cornbread salad, and when we decided not to make that salad this past weekend we ended up with a large can of black-eyed peas in the pantry.  We simply heated them up and served them on tacos last night, and salads today for lunch.  Low in Weight Watchers Points Plus, I also wanted to see what health benefits you can get from black-eyed peas.

  • Protein: 1 cup of peas has 5 grams of protein
  • Fiber: 1 cup is a good source of soluble fiber (20% for men, 32% for women)
  • Folate: 1 cup has 52% of daily recommended folate
  • Manganese: 1 cup has 40% of recommended intake for men and 52% for women
  • Vitamin A: 1 cup has 43% of daily recommended Vitamin A, great for vision and immunity

So give black-eyed peas a shot.  They can be used as any other bean would be used.


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