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Where’s the beef

OK, so I saw this story the other day about a hamburger grown in a lab.


Now, the scientist in me thought it was actually very interesting that it was possible to “grow” a burger in the lab.  Of course I am not getting in line to order these synthetic burgers.

With this week being Shark Week, and the NFL tailgating season right around the corner, it seems like this would be as good a time as any to reintroduce meat into my diet.  Truth be told, Meghan and I have reintroduced meat to our diet after getting some information from a nutritionist (and as our reintroduction moves ahead I will be sure to share any information we are getting).  Of course, those of you who know us know that meat never fully left our diet, I mean, prosciutto isn’t really a meat 🙂

There are still some rules that need to be applied.

1. We still do not eat chicken (read Veganist and you will understand)

2. We focus on pork or beef that was raised without any hormones

3. When possible we will buy direct from the farm, at our local farmers market

4. Meat will not take up more than 1/3 of our dinner plate, always being served with veggies and healthy carbs (think meat and potatoes, with 4 ounces of meat)

Green beans, quinoa and steak tips (note the small portion of the meal the steak is, but it is still 4 ounces)

Green beans, quinoa and steak tips (note the small portion of the meal the steak is, but it is still 4 ounces)

Over the past week we have had pork tenderloin, steak tips and some farm fresh burgers.  I have to say, the beef we purchase at the farmers market tastes so much better.  I definitely recommend you go out, support your local farmers, and take advantage of their offerings.


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