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A new challenge: 100 days of yoga

I am always looking for a new workout challenge.  Recently I realized that I was not consistently doing yoga.  So I decided to challenge myself.  Could I do yoga for 100 straight days?  And would these 100 days result in health and fitness benefits?

The goal of this challenge is to complete a yoga workout every day for 100 days.  Since I could not expect myself to complete a 90 minute workout every day I set a modest goal of 10 minutes per day, with most days being 20-45 minutes.  Some days I will have to squeeze a workout in during my lunch break.  Already I have had to do a quick workout before heading to work in the morning.


I am 2 weeks into the challenge and so far the hardest part of this challenge is finding good yoga workouts.  I use a combination of my P90X workouts and various workouts I have found on YouTube.  I also plan to head to my local yoga studio, Yoga Moves in Reading, especially since the cold weather is here (Yoga Moves offers hot yoga classes).

So how do I feel?  I actually feel that my flexibility has improved already.  But more importantly, I feel less stress.  I am able to disconnect and relax during my yoga workouts, and I look forward to my workouts.  I can tell that the stress I carry in my shoulders has dissipated.  I will keep you up to date on how my challenge goes and post some of the workouts I do in case you want to join the challenge.


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