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100 days of yoga update: half way there

I have reached the halfway point in my 100 days of yoga challenge.  For those of you counting days on the calendar you will notice that I am actually at day 58.  Well, I can explain.  Thanks to a wonderful stomach bug I was forced to take a week off from any form of exercise.  No running, no yoga.  It is pretty amazing how a simple stomach bug can knock you on your a$$ for a solid week.  But after taking the week off, I was right back to the challenge.

So, how do I feel 51 days in?  I feel great.  I know we just celebrated Christmas this week, and while this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, it can also be the Most Stressful Time of the Year.  I have to admit, I feel much less stressed, both while running last minute Christmas shopping and while at work.

Has my flexibility improved?  I am not sure I am that much more flexible, though I do think there has been improvement.  I feel as though parts of my body that I was not directly working with my weight and resistance training are getting stronger, specifically my lower back and my core.

photo (9)

Thanks to Meg for taking pics of me in these poses (top to bottom): Low plank: Chaturanga dandasana
Thread the needle pose: Parsva Balasana
Crow pose: Bakasana
Warrior 2: Virabhadrasana 2
One-legged crow: Eka Pada Bakasana 1

How have I been able to find yoga workouts to do every day?  This is has been one of the more challenging parts of the experience.  I am thankful to Yoga Moves, a truly great yoga studio in Reading, MA.  I have taken several classes there and nothing online comes close to attending a class taught by someone passionate about yoga.  The fact that you can get immediate correction in a pose and really feel how the pose should feel is well worth the cost of the class.  You cannot get this by simply watching a video.

There are literally millions of yoga videos out there, and I have found several on YouTube that I think are pretty good.

  • ShareenYoga: I have done the Sweat Your Turtle Off workout several times.
  • Bryan Jones: Bryan has a series of videos, dealing with strength, power and flexibility.  I like that he has 2 camera angles for each pose, so you can really see how you should be positioned.
  • The 30-day yoga challenge from come on, they only did 30 days, I am doing 100!

Of course I have suffered through many a poorly executed yoga video as well.

Of course I am also a P90X fanatic, so I continue to use the P90X, P90X2, and One-on-One yoga videos from Tony Horton.  What I like about these is that Tony actually struggles through many of the moves, the same way that I do.  And Meghan got me P90X3 for Christmas, so I am eagerly awaiting to get that started once my yoga challenge is complete.  Stay tuned for more updates, there are 7 weeks to go.


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