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You can’t make lentil soup without lentils

If you have been checking in to my blog regularly you know that for most recipes I have to modify because I do not have one or more ingredients.  Often I modify an ingredient in an attempt to make the recipe a bit healthier.  Sometimes I just reduce the amount of a particular ingredient and there is no flavor difference (most recipes call for too much olive oil). But the other day I was preparing to make some lentil soup when I realized I was missing one key ingredient, the lentils!


Easy and delicious lentil soup

I had managed to go to 2 stores during my morning shopping run.  At the first store, the girl at the checkout had asked me if I was able to find everything.  “Yes” I assured her.  And looking at my list, with items crossed off from stop #1, it was clear that I had grabbed what I needed there.  Off to store #2.

Upon reaching the checkout I was once again asked by the checkout clerk if I had found everything OK.  “Yes I did, and probably a few things I really didn’t need as well” I replied.  So, with a handful of bags in tow I came home and unpacked the groceries.  I didn’t even notice the lack of lentils as I unpacked.  It was not until a few hours later when I went to get things ready that I saw my oversight.

A few muttered curses, and and I was off to store #3 to pick up a package of lentils.  The recipe is a kitchen stand-by, super easy to make, and delicious.  Plus, Meg and I make an extra large batch and pack it away for lunches during the week, a great time saver.  I still can’t understand how I managed to bring a list, with LENTILS clearly written on it, to 2 stores and came home without them.  Maybe I was distracted by the thought of what I was making to go with the soup!

Soft pretzel rolls

Soft pretzel rolls

Here is the link to Ina Garten’s lentil soup recipe:

Here is the link to Mel’s soft pretzel rolls:


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