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My P90X3 experience: Doing my best

Since Christmas I had been looking forward to starting P90X3, but I was still in the middle of my 100 day of yoga challenge.  Well, the challenge ended about 5 1/2 weeks ago, and I immediately began P90X3.  I am in the middle of week 2 of Block 2, but I wanted to give my review so far.

First, like P90X and P90X2, the P90X3 program is definitely not for the meek or faint at heart.  This is a hardcore workout program.  Before beginning the program there is a fit test.  I definitely recommend taking the fit test.  Not only does the test allow you to see where you stand before beginning the transformational 90 day program, but if you struggle through the fit test, I definitely recommend modifying during P90X3.

The Pros: There is a lot to like about P90X3.

You can workout in the comfort of your own home: Planet Fitness has based their recent advertising campaign to target people who do not want to head to the gym because of the Lunks.  We all know who the lunks are, and have certainly seen them during trips to the gym.  No Lunks in P90X3.  Just Tony Horton and his team motivating you through some sweat-inducing workouts.

Multiple camera angles let you see the moves in detail

Multiple camera angles let you see the moves in detail

You don’t need a lot of equipment: This is the first time I have gone through a P90 program with a pull-up bar.  I have the Iron Gym, which simply hooks onto your doorframe.  But if you have a good set of resistance bands you are all set.  In fact, even without bands, you can simply be creative and find ways to add resistance to many of the moves (try using a towel to assist any stretching in your arms, use a full water bottle to add a little weight to flies and lunges).  The equipment I have is

  • yoga mat
  • yoga block
  • set of resistance bands (I actually have 2: one from Beachbody which has 3 bands, another w 5 bands)
  • push-up stands
  • Iron Gym pull-up bar (this bar actually doubles as a push-up stand)

Modification is encouraged: Tony Horton always points out which person in the video is the modifier, and there is no shame in modifying.  No shame in doing push-ups on your knees, no shame in not doing the knee tuck jumps on the last set.  The workouts aim to be for everyone, and you can tailor them to your performance level.

It is only 30 minutes: With a minute or so to set up the DVD, get your equipment ready and then a 5 minute cooldown, it takes about 40 minutes to run a full workout.  This is a 33% reduction from P90X.  Don’t let the reduced time fool you into thinking this is a reduced workout.  There are a few 30 second breaks, but you are working the entire 30 minutes.  And if you happen to finish with a 1 minute or 2 to spare, don’t worry, this time is filled with a #BURNOUT series.

The Cons: I have found a few things that I don’t love about the program.

Sometimes you need more than 30 minutes: I find that the yoga workout is not really a yoga workout, but rather a stretching workout that incorporates yoga poses.  If you really want to do yoga, where you will focus on the mind and body, then I recommend substituting in a yoga workout for the P90 version.


Some of the jokes get old: Let’s face it, I have been working out with Tony Horton for over 3 years now.  He may need some new material.  Sometimes it feels like he goes out of his way to bash the idea of going to the gym.  I understand where he is coming from, but come on man, we already bought the program, we have bought in, we are part of the P90 movement.  You can actually take the ideas of P90X and head to the gym, another great aspect of these programs.

The Verdict: I am going to continue to #BringIt.

I took the fit test after week 4, and saw some small improvements.  I will admit that I continue to modify and that there have been workouts I have no been able to finish.  But I will keep pushing play, and keep doing my best.  I am looking forward to finishing this block in another 2 weeks, and will let you know how it goes.

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