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Sleepless in Seattle, because there is so much to do!!

I cannot believe it has been nearly 2 months since my last post.  Time certainly flies by, and Meghan and I have certainly been busy.  About 2 weeks ago we got home from vacation: a 7-day cruise to Alaska.  Once I put together all the pictures and notes from that journey I will be sure to share it.  But let’s start with the base of our operation for this trip, Seattle.

Meg and I had never been to Seattle, so when we decide to cruise to Alaska we wanted to make sure we spent a few days exploring the Emerald City.  Fortunately, JetBlue has direct flights from Boston to Seattle, so we booked our flight to get us to Seattle late Saturday night with the cruise leaving on Tuesday afternoon, so we would have some time to check out the sites.


The view of Seattle from the deck of the Inn at the Market

The Inn at the Market: This hotel is top notch, and a true hidden gem.  Right at the top of the hill from the Pike Place Market, it is centrally located in Seattle.  The staff there is super nice.  I called them from the airport around midnight when we landed to ask if they had a shuttle to the hotel.  I was told they did not, but that a cab ride would be about $40.  Meg and I grabbed a cab, and when we walked into the hotel were greeted warmly by the staff.  The rooms were super clean, and Meg wants to design our home bathroom like the hotel bathroom.  Super roof deck with views of the waterfront and skyline, a great place to relax after a day of hiking around town.

Pike Place Market: This place is great.  Great selections of produce and seafoods.  Meghan had a belt made.  Lots of local crafts to browse, and everyone is really friendly and hands out samples.

The Original Starbucks: Of course, when in Seattle, you have to try the local coffee.


The seal at the original Starbucks. I of course got the usual, grande Pike

Pike Place Fish Market: These guys are the most famous of the Market.  Because we stayed at the Inn, we got a gift card for the Pike Place Fish Market and a chance to go behind the scenes, or at least behind the counter.  Yup, I caught my first salmon, with my bare hands!  And everything tasted so good we shipped a box of stuff home.

The Great Wheel: After stopping at the Pike Place Market we walked next door to take a spin on the Great Wheel.  This ferris wheel offers great views of Seattle.  You get a few trips around to take in the sites, and it was a nice way to stay out of the rain.

Seattle Aquarium: To stay out of the rain, we walked over to the Seattle Aquarium.  While I will say that most aquariums offer views of the same fish, this one had a lot more interactive exhibits.

Underground Walking Tour: Pioneer Square was the original center of Seattle, and what better way to 1) learn about Seattle, 2) stay out of the rain, and 3) take a really cool walk, than by doing the Underground Walking Tour.  Some pretty cool history stories, even a few ghost stories make this a fun tour to try.  And there is an adult tour at night where drinks are served.

Ivars: This restaurant is famous for its fish and chips, so we had to stop by.  We went during happy hour, so Meg and I sampled some apps, a great way to check out a menu.  Be sure to eat inside because the seagulls know this is a hot spot to pick up dinner as well.

Space Needle: Built for the 1962 Worlds Fair, the Space Needle is a must see when in Seattle.  The elevator speeds you up 605′ to the observation deck which offers 360 degrees views of Seattle.  Stay inside or take a walk on the outdoor platform, feeling the breeze in your face.

The Space Needle, seen from the Great Wheel

The Space Needle, seen from the Great Wheel

Pacific Science Center: Next door to the Space Needle is the Pacific Science Center.  We were a bit disappointed, though the butterfly garden is pretty cool.  Another interactive museum, so if you have kids this is probably a place to check out.


Seattle Duck Tour: Right next door to Space Needle you can hop in a Duck Boat and take a tour of Seattle, by land and water.  Our tour guide was a ton of fun, we even got some locals to do the YMCA and dance to the music from the boat.  The water tour was the highlight, with sweeping views of the Seattle skyline and up close looks at the famous boat houses.


These boat houses cost millions of dollars, have glass basements and the middle one in the photo belongs to Drew Carey.

After 2 packed days in Seattle it was time to head north to Alaska!


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