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Farmers Market fresh

Hi everybody.  Sorry it has been so long since my last post, and sorry that I still owe you so many great posts (recipes, more pictures from our adventure in Alaska, workout tips).  Well, here is a quick healthy living tip.  Grab a canvas shopping bag, swing it over your shoulder, walk/run/bike on over to your local farmers market this week, and pick up some whole foods, grown locally, sold locally.

If you live in the northeast you are fully aware of the situation with Market Basket.  And if you are like me, you are very sad to see this situation impacting the employees and the loyal shoppers.  I am a loyal Market Basket shopper.  While the produce section can drive me crazy on a busy weekend, I will truck through there grabbing what I have to say is the freshest, most consistent produce you can find at a grocery store outside of Whole Foods, but for a fraction of the price (yes, I know not all of it is organic, but not everything at WF is organic either).

Normally I would be faced with a tremendous dilemma of where to obtain my fresh produce.  But thankfully, it is farmers market season.  The Wakefield Farmers Market runs every Saturday morning down by the softball field from 9AM-1PM.  There are several fresh produce and meat vendors.  I have told that I need to get the organic chicken there because it tastes like no chicken I have ever eaten.


When I miss the Farmers Market, like I did last week because I was vacationing on Cape Cod, or I am unable to find a particular vegetable, I can always head to Calareso’s in Reading.  What used to be a local farm stand is now almost a full fledge grocery store. I said to Meghan that if they would only carry some Greek yogurt and a few other items I could do all of our shopping there.

If you are looking for a farmers market near you, check out  So, while all the politics of grocery shopping get sorted out, get out there and support your local farmers.  Some of these dedicated growers make trips that are several hours long, to multiple markets each week.  They are always friendly, always willing to give you tips on how to prepare some new produce (and definitely try some new produce, or meat, or herbs), and always happy to have you stop by their stand.


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